Day Camp

For dogs of all ages.

Day Camp dogs visit CPDT-KA Jess Lara’s home in SW Portland to engage in group play and individualized training sessions. All dogs come home happy, exercised, socialized, and with reinforced skills.

Service includes…

  • Full day care at Camp Pendleton (SW PDX) for dogs of all ages with a licensed, bonded, and insured rewards-based dog trainer.

  • Behavior management and rewards-based mini-lessons throughout the day (total of one hour private training for each pup in Day Camp). Common topics addressed include basic obedience, barrier training, recall, socialization (other dogs, skateboards, neighborhood noises, people, hula hoops, power tools, etc), body handling (nail trims, brushing, ear cleaning, etc), confidence building, park-it, crate training, retrieve, body awareness, focus & engagement, loose-leash walking, proofing current skills, tricks, impulse control, potty training, and house manners

  • Structured group play

  • Cool-down time with food puzzles and regulated nap times

  • A ratio of four or fewer dogs to one trainer

  • A daily report on your pup's training goals and progress

  • Daily photos of your dog's adventures

  • Meals and/or meds if desired

  • Ridiculous amounts of fun

Day Camp dogs must be...

  • screened and approved by Dog Adventures Northwest

  • non-excessive barkers

  • up-to-date on vaccines and parasite protected

  • content to be confined by crate, tether, exercise pen, or gate with limited barrier frustration

  • content to share toys and low-value treats with other dogs (high-value treats will be given separately)

  • unable to jump a four-foot chain-link fence

Note: Day Camp is the only Dog Adventures Northwest service that does not pick dogs up at home and bring them back at the end of the day. Pup parents must drop pups off between 7am and 9am and pick pups up between 4pm and 6pm at Camp Pendleton, which is located near Gabriel Park in SW Portland.

Rate: Day Camp is $100 for one dog, with no age restrictions. Send two dogs to Day Camp and the second pup is 50% off. Schedule at least one Day Camp visit per week, and get 10% off each day.

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